Forklift Recycling

Get Paid for Your Unwanted Forklifts

It couldn’t be easier to get rid of an unwanted lift truck. We purchase any type — 3-wheel, 4-wheel, container handling, narrow-aisle, stacker forklifts, electric hand trucks — and in any condition. We accept all makes — Hyster, Komatsu, Cat, MCFA, Raymond, Yale, Crown and others, whether they’re diesel, electric, propane or gas powered, running or not. Better still, no prep work is required on your part. You don’t have to drain fluids or remove anything. We take care of it all.

Payment is made within 24 hours and we can schedule a pickup from your facility within 48 hours.

How We Do It

Once inside our facility, each unit is carefully dismantled and enters a remanufacturing or recycling channel. Motors, transmissions and other components are sent to refurbishing facilities. Steel and plastic are reprocessed for new uses. Batteries are disassembled and their constituent parts, from lead plates and electrolytes to steel and plastic casings are recycled according to strict safety protocols. Nothing goes to a landfill.

When your forklifts reach the end of their useful lives, recycle them for a profit. We’ll help you turn unused equipment into an asset, get obsolete machines out of your way and dispose of them in the proper way.

Turning Equipment Liabilities Into Environmental Assets