Battery Recycling

How to Recycle Batteries Responsibly

Recycling batteries is crucial for the environment. Electrolyte or battery acid can be neutralized and reused in new batteries and other manufactured goods. Lead plates can be sent to a smelting operation to be recast as ingots for use in new batteries. Even the plastic and metal casings can be ground up and reprocessed to be reborn in new batteries and other products. But even though recycling batteries is a common practice, it isn’t always done properly.

How We Do It

At Equipment Assets we process more than 1M lbs. of batteries each month according to strict EPA and DEQ standards. Our certified personnel handle all battery recycling and refurbishing operations to ensure that batteries are safely transported, stored and repackaged.

The best components including some lead cores are reborn as REPOWER® Batteries, our line of reconditioned batteries for material handling equipment. They’re guaranteed for one year, and offer an excellent value at a fraction of the cost of a new battery.

Interested in batteries at bargain prices? Here’s the website: REPOWER Batteries.

Turning Equipment Liabilities Into Environmental Assets