Turning Equipment Liabilities

Into Environmental Assets

Turning Equipment Liabilities

Into Environmental Assets

Good for the Environment.
Good for Your Bottom Line.

The win-win solution for disposing lift trucks — whether they’re trade-ins, retired or parts units.

Unused lift equipment isn’t a liability… it’s a resource out of place. So why not recoup some of your investment? Plus you can get rid of obsolete machinery without sending it to a landfill. We buy lift trucks in any condition and recycle 100% of their components — motor, battery, chassis, scrap metal — everything. In fact, Equipment Assets diverts more than 2,000 metric tons of waste and hazardous materials from landfills each month! We can help you meet both your business and environmental goals.



A Greener Policy for Retiring Forklifts

Equipment Assets is a Michigan-based corporation serving industry across the U.S. and Canada. We apply sustainable, green thinking to benefit the customers and communities we operate in. We do this through the conscientious recycling of hazardous materials according to Environmental Protection Agency standards, and by reducing the volume of industrial scrap metal that is commonly disposed of in landfills. At Equipment Assets we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment we all share.

We Help You Move Your Business Forward

Retired forklifts and batteries not only take up valuable space in your warehouse or yard, but it can also impede workflow leading to a decrease in productivity and efficiency.

Equipment Assets is here to help you turn these liabilities into an asset for you to invest into your company and move it forward!

Our Mission

Turning equipment liabilities into environmental assets. We’re making a difference by helping our customers recoup some of their investment in forklifts and material handling equipment while also retiring old machinery responsibly.

Equipment Assets, Inc. is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency in the removal, handling and management of hazardous materials.


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